Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Price of e-books

I have always complained that the price of ebooks seems way out of line.

The government says avid best-seller readers who use electronic books have been getting ripped off. Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants," Tim Tebow's "Through My Eyes" and Keith Richards' `"Life" _ maybe they should have cost less.

The Justice Department and 15 states sued Apple Inc. and major book publishers Wednesday, alleging a conspiracy that raised the price of electronic books. They said the scheme cost consumers more than $100 million in the past two years by adding $2 or $3, sometimes as much as $5, to the price of each e-book.

If there was price fixing, even the e-book version of the hot-selling Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs, the late genius behind Apple computers, may have cost too much.

Justice's antitrust chief, Sharis Pozen, said the executives were desperate to get _ the marketer of Kindle e-book readers _ to raise the $9.99 price point it had set for the most popular e-book titles, because that was substantially below their hardcover prices.

Since Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007, e-book sales have surged. They represented just 2 percent of all titles sold in the United States that year, but soared to 25 percent last year. In 2010, about 114 million e-books were sold at a total cost of $441.3 million.

Holder told a Justice Department news conference that "we believe that consumers paid millions of dollars more for some of the most popular titles" as a result of the alleged conspiracy. Pozen said the scheme added an average of $2 to $3 to the prices of individual e-books

PS I am considering whether I should still give links to ebooks here – I never get any feed back, - you like, you don’t like,  you have read, you recommend. – like I am talking to myself.

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  1. Dear Fletcher, I am from Mumbai and am an avid book reader. I use my kindle, my ipad and my samsung galaxy note to read a lot of ebooks that you post. Most of them are best sellers and i cannot describe in words how happy i am to browse through your site and find some book i want to read. I have downloaded quite a few of your books and would like to thank you from my heart for posting these. Pl continue...

  2. Please continue posting books. I've recommended you to a lot of my friends - your books are current, best sellers, and caters for a wide audience.
    I've never posted comments, because I've always been very happy with what you've posted.
    Die eerste ding wat ek doen, wanneer ek my rekenaar aanskakel, is om te gaan kyk of jy 'n nuwe boek ge"post" het. En ek is altyd baie opgewonde wanneer daar 'n nuwe ene is, want baie van hulle val ook in my smaak.
    Baie dankie vir al die boeke. Hou asseblief aan. Dit word baie waardeer.

    1. Baie dankie vir jou kommentaar ek waardeeer dit.
      Op die oomblik is daar min goeie nuwe boeke en met die sluiting van Filesonic is dit moeilik om die golden oldies terug te kry
      Jy is baie welkom

  3. Ek is 'n groot fan.

    Dankie vir die waardevolle blog.

    Hou asb aan!

  4. Baie dankie vir jou kommentaar, ek waardeer dit, daar gaan nie veel aan op die oomblik nie.

  5. Fletcher, ek het nou eers hierdie blog ontdek. Ek het letterlik duisende e-boeke en weet ook van baie sites waar jy die nuutstes kan aflaai. Email my en ek stuur al die inligting vir jou. En hou asb aan met hierdie blog!

  6. Baie dankie jy sal my op my MWeb mail kry