Friday, 11 January 2013

Oliver Potzsch - The Beggar King

Oliver Potzsch - The Beggar King
Amazon Best seller for what it’s worth.
(So is Gone Girl which I casted aside after reading 20%, How on Earth could…..)
The Beggar King is the third in a series by Oliver Potzsch. The first is The Hangman's Daughter, which introduces Jakob Kuisl, the Hangman of Schongau, along with other main characters, his wife Anna Maria, children Magdalena, Georg and Barbara and the son of the town doctor, Simon Fronweiser. The second book is  The Dark Monk.
The year is 1662. Alpine village hangman Jakob Kuisl receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg, where a gruesome sight awaits him: her throat has been slit. Arrested and framed for the murder, Kuisl faces first-hand the torture he’s administered himself for years. Jakob’s daughter, Magdalena, and a young medicus named Simon hasten to his aid. With the help of an underground network of beggars, a beer-brewing monk, and an Italian playboy, they discover that behind the false accusation is a plan that will endanger the entire German Empire. Chock-full of historical detail, The Beggar King brings to vibrant life another tale of an unlikely hangman and his tough-as-nails daughter, confirming Pötzsch’s mettle as a writer to watch.

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