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Here is the extraordinary story of the last and greatest native civilization of North America, at the height of its magnificence. It is a story told in the words of one of the most robust and memorable characters in modern fiction. His name is Mixtli-Dark Cloud. Rising above his lowly station, Mixtli distinguishes himself as a scribe and later a warrior. He earns a fortune as a traveling merchant, exploring every part of what the Aztecs called The One World-the far lands of mountains, jungles, deserts, seacoasts.
A first-class storyteller....Mr. Jennings has achieved true distinction." --Atlantic Monthly

"Anyone who reads, anyone who still lusts for adventure or that book you can't put down, will glory in the Aztec." --The Los Angeles Times

"Aztec is so vivid that this reviewer had the novel experience of dreaming of the Aztec world, in Technicolor, for several nights in a row." --The Chicago Sun-Times

"The scope of the book includes the gallantry and barbarism, sex and nobility, intelligence and folly, of historical fiction.....[The reader] is amply entertained and caught up in fascinating history." --San Francisco Chronicle

"Remarkable...It conveys with ferocious yet often lyrical force the texture of life in a civilization at once intensely sophisticated and, by our standards, utterly barbaric....A splendidly colorful, wholly convincing re-creation of a vanished culture." --Cosmopolitan
GARY JENNINGS was known for the rigorous and intensive research behind his novels, which often included hazardous travels--exploring every corner of Mexico for his Aztec novels, retracing the numerous wanderings of Marco Polo for The Journeyer, joining nine different circuses for Spangle, and roaming the Balkans to do Raptor.
A word of warning - It is over a 1000 pages. long Fletch

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