Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ken McClure - The Lazarus Strain

Ken McClure - The Lazarus Strain
Product Description: Another cracking read from Ken McClure, the master of the medical genre. I read Robin Cook's "Critical" recently and was left disappointed, but "The Lazarus Strain" is the usual fast read that's typical with McClure. I read that Ken McClure is to the medical world what John Grisham is to the law. Ha! ... well there were no lawyers here but plenty of doctors.
In the prologue, McClure sets out the terrifying possibilities of a repeat of the flu pandemic of 1918 that swept the world and killed 40 million. Move that on to now, with avian flu (so called bird flu) and a "breakout" from a secure lab facility. Mix in a plan to use the virus as a weapon and you have the cocktail of another medical action thriller with Dr Steven Dunbar!
If you like medical thrillers, I'd definitely recommend this bird flu thriller.

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