Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Steven White - Kill Me

Product Description:
He's a rich, anonymous white guy. When he's not making money in the boardrooms of multi-natinal pharmaceutical companies, he's at one of his palatial homes with his wife and daughter, or he's heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies or deep cave-diving in Belize.
 He enjoys power as well as money, and in all matters - business, pleasure, sexual - he's happiest on dangerous ground. He only has one fear, that an accident or disease will render him totally dependent on others.
But he has the means to circumvent such indignity and he buys into an organisation, which he dubs 'Death's Angels', who guarantee to kill him if he ever reaches that point. Certain of the parameters he's set he continues with his priviledged life.
Then his past and his genes catch up with him and he wants to change those parameters. But he can't. He can't evade Death's Angels fulfilling their side of the bargain - or can he?

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