Monday, 20 February 2012

Ken McClure - Hypocrites' Isle

The most frightening thing is that research scientist McClure makes it utterly believable' - The Scotsman.

Dr Frank Simmons works in the University of Edinburgh's medical school. One of his PhD students, brilliant loner Gavin, announces his intention to find a cure for cancer and actually makes a major breakthrough. Oddly, no one seems to be interested and a picture emerges of a cancer research industry caught in a desperate paradox: it can only justify its existence by not curing cancer.Disinterest soon turns to open warfare as pressure is put on Simmons and Gavin's work is sabotaged.

A truly compelling story with superb dialogue and thought-provoking ideas.

Ken McClure is the internationally bestselling author of over twenty medical thrillers such as Eye of the Raven, The Gulf Conspiracy, White Death and Dust to Dust. His books have been translated into twenty-five languages and he has earned a reputation for the accuracy of his predicitions. McClure's work is informed by his background as an award-winning research scientist with the UK's Medical Research Council.

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