Sunday, 19 February 2012

RD Zimmerman – Hostage

RD Zimmerman – Hostage
Product Description:
It's the coup of his career--until the unthinkable happens.
Todd Mills, Minneapolis's only openly gay journalist, is getting ready for what promises to be an explosive television event: an exclusive interview with Congressman Johnny Clariton, a conservative whose vehement opposition to gay rights and AIDS research has fueled his rapid political ascent.
But coup turns to chaos when Todd's interview is abruptly ended by three gun-wielding kidnappers--an unlikely trio of domestic terrorists in the final stages of AIDS. With Todd as their conduit to a global audience, the abductors are willing to risk what's left of their lives to give violent expression to their AIDS rage.Their goal: to make the world know what it's like to live--and die--with AIDS.
Their weapons: a video camera, a hostage, and a syringe full of blood.While the increasingly desperate events play out on television for the world to see, Todd's relationship with homicide investigator Steve Rawlins is dragged into the fray, throwing the unsuspecting Rawlins--still grieving over the recent end of his closest friend's long struggle with AIDS--on a collision course with the kidnappers.
 And as television reporter, cop, and the FBI all continue their hunt for the terrorists, the tension builds to a heart-wrenching, tragic climax.
Unsettling, unpredictable and unapologetic, Hostage is Zimmerman's darkest and most suspenseful tale yet, a bold step forward for this acclaimed and widely popular series.
Under the pen name of Robert Alexander, Zimmerman's novels include The New York Times bestseller, The Kitchen Boy, and his latest, When Dad Came Back As My Dog. For more info on the author, visit:

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