Monday, 20 February 2012

Ken McClure - Wildcard

Ken McClure  - Wildcard
Product Description: Steven Dunbar's latest and most deadly case...When a killer virus appears, there are no obvious connections between the victims. The solution is unbelievable, yet all-too-possible When a traveller dies on a flight back to London from Africa, bleeding profusely, the Ebola virus is blamed. Steven Dunbar of the Sci-Med Directorate investigates and discovers that this outbreak cannot be blamed on Ebola, and that others, completely unrelated to the first victim, are falling ill and dying. Somewhere there is a link. Somehow the wild cards are related.
As more and more people fall ill and die throughout the British Isles in the run-up to Christmas, politicians equivocate and scientists attempt to find a seemingly impossible answer. Steven questions his own belief in medicine and in his role as a doctor. Gradually, the truth becomes is terrifying and unbelievable.

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